Our Full Line Of Baseball Poster Templates

Our Baseball Poster Templates showcases your athlete in a powerful and colorful design. Everyone of our baseball poster templates celebrates your individual athlete and they make a great addition to any athlete’s bedroom wall. Each design will make a great gift for an unsuspecting young athlete.

  • 300 DPI 9″x 12″ Full Color
  • 2700 x 3600 Pixel High-Resolution Template
  • Each Layer is Color Coded and Labeled for ease of use
  • Each Template Requires a Posed or Action Image
  • Each Template Require a Masked Image, Cutout, or PNG image of the athlete
  • Fonts Included Free of Charge

All of our Baseball Poster Templates have been crafted as a full line of powerful and colorful designs that are easy to use. Each of the template designs is editable to suit your creative needs. It’s one in a series of full color, 300 DPI 9″x 12″ (2700 x 3600 pixel), 300 DPI, fully layered Photoshop baseball poster template. Capable of producing extreme enlargements and ready for a variety of different print and poster sizes.

Users have the ability to move design elements around and to reposition objects to aid in cropping to the size desired. Each template layer is color-coded and labeled for ease of use. The fonts used in the design are provided for free as we use only free fonts available to anyone and you may substitute the fonts supplied with your own if you so desire. All of our templates in this line are designed with the individual athlete in mind. Each template is a high-resolution design capable of producing extreme enlargements and in a number of different sizes.

Each Baseball Poster Template presents your athlete in a colorful and powerful design. Each design celebrates your individual athlete and they make a great addition to any athlete’s bedroom wall. These personal templates use a posed image or an action image. Our Personal Poster Template requires a masked image or cutout or PNG of the athlete image. These Personal Poster Templates can also be used for Senior Honor Posters or used as a design for Team Spirit Banners at their High School.

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